Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here? Rob Hopkins Explains the Transition Movement

Worldwide, we're running out of many of our most valuable resources. Since our economy is extremely dependent on the availability of them, particularly on oil, this can easily become a terrifying scenario in our imaginations. In addition to appreciation for our agricultural heritage and how important it is to preserve that, many of us have come to homesteading out of concern about peak oil, as a way to educate ourselves and control what we can as we prepare for a more powered down future.
There are lots of different levels of intensity among those of us concerned about the environment, ranging from mild concern to deeply depressing. Some people, sadly, have even used preparedness as a way to justify hateful actions towards others. From my perspective, I want to learn all I can about reducing my energy dependency, building sustainable sources of food and encouraging growth in my local economy. But I can't be proactive around just doom and gloom as I learn all these age-old skills. Learning organic gardening, canning and preserving, and raising chickens takes perseverance, creativity and a great sense of humor. With such heavy subject matter, it can be hard to maintain an attitude of positivity.
Rob Hopkins and the people involved in the Transition Movement have a different approach to the doom and gloom, one that blends both the realities of climate change and peak oil and a creative, positive, and empowering approach to creating viable alternatives. Check out the below video where Rob explains how people are getting involved to empower and prepare their local communities for a world with a dwindling supply of oil. 

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