Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hang on to your hopes, my friend

Finally, the sun has returned to my little corner of the world after what seems like an eternity of dull, lifeless hazy days...today I see promises of spring in the trees even though a frosty chill still wafts through the air. I don't want to be bitter that it's cold anymore, but I am.
I'm lusting after the thought of eating a summer salad on my back porch with the sun warming my back, a tall glass of sweet tea and tomato juice running down my chin. I need to start some seeds soon to make this happen, and I'm planning on using some leftover egg cartons we've been hoarding in preparation for hens. (You can read the method I'll be using in my Examiner article here.)
Springtime will be here soon, but not soon enough for my tastes. White is a pretty color on it's own but the landscape's a bit saturated with it. I think I'll take a cue from my dog, curl up in the small pool of sunlight on my living room floor, and enjoy a winter nap, and dream of temperatures above freezing.

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