Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here We Go Again & Happy Birthday Mr. Weatherman

Tonight Dick Goddard, our local local news legend, is celebrating his 80th birthday. I've watched him predict the weather on the television nearly all my life, and I'll admit, I've not always liked what he's had to say. Tonight, though, Mr. Goddard, you've got me pretty petrified. I need to make a rather long, rather important road trip around 4:30 AM. I'd much rather stay inside with my animals who are all rescues, the kind you work so hard to protect and help (thank you for that too). Please think happy winter weather thoughts for me and my family, that we'll either make it safely to our destination or cancel the whole endeavor and stay indoors. Cross those fingers as you blow out those candles and wish for snow totals closer to zero than a whole foot. Since you are even from my town, I trust you way more than those guys on the other channels.
Here's to you on your birthday Mr. Goddard. Wishing you many more years of happiness and predicting the weather here in the Cleveland area. And, you're right, we'll all be much happier come early May.

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