Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The View from Out Here

When I have my morning coffee, this is what I see- a vision of the idyllic Ohio countryside, right outside my house, with Jersey cows, chirping birds and, if the dew point is right, some fog rolling across the back.
Now- don't be shocked- this is not a picture of my house. It's my neighbors. But in combination with the Internet, it is close-by inspiration for what I really want to do with my life: I want to write and I want to farm.

This blog is (hopefully, to become) a chronicle of my evolution, from a suburban housewife and retail employee into a freelance author/photographer and farmer.
My husband, daughter and I bought our little slice of heaven this spring, and right now there's not much to talk about as we get settled. We have no livestock and no big garden (yet), but we do have 2 cats, a very furry dog, and solid mid-western work ethic. There will be lots of learning along the way I am sure, and probably some tears to come as well, as we will learn a lot of it as we go, but for right now, we're just getting started...

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