Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spreading the Poultry Love

My co-worker, Teresa, and her husband Jerry are also taking up farming, but for environmental reasons. I feel quite blessed to know them. It's kind of like having a personal trailblazer ahead of you, trying things out before you and helping you along. They are raising poultry this year and a variety of produce, including some heirloom varieties. I think their hope is to sell the produce- Teresa has said Jerry takes some to market now- not sure if they are thinking of a CSA or not.
Teresa is my "chicken friend". She is my mentor on all things poultry and is patiently waiting for us to have a coop. She says she has chickens to add to our operation- a sort of living housewarming gift- when we are ready.
I need a snow blower for the coming winter before I can even consider a chicken coop. So no chickens this year, sadly.
So, instead she brought me some lovely eggs to try from her chickens and ducks, all organic, unpastuerized and free range. The dozen I got is called the "fashion pack"- they are all so beautifully unique are artfully arranged in the carton. Sounds SO deliciously yummy and local. I can't wait to try them tomorrow!
In my case, yes, the egg comes before the chicken.

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