Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Worm Farms and Patience

One of my favorite discoveries as I grow older is that if you stop trying so hard and just concentrate on having fun, sometimes the good things just come to you. Take as an example my daughter's "worm farm" she created at my father's house as he planted his garden this spring. What began in a child's imagination as simple exploration of the dirt around her turned into something beautiful, something edible even...
After sitting around outside for several weeks in the bucket she built her "worm farm " in, a plant appeared inside. It followed us to our new home soon after, and, since we have no garden, found a home in an old landscape planter at the front corner of our house, because it was fun and seemed the right thing to do with a worm farm plant. We started watching and watering. And it grew. We waited. And it flowered. We waited some more. And, behold, tomatoes! (They are pretty darn tasty too, I might add.)
I found a few other things that spontaneously grew here too, with no prompting from me. Like these:

These successful surprises led to other experiments in buckets with dirt, this time my own (and my husband's)...and for the first time ever...
there is food on my porch and in my yard. I am so blessed.
Next year, a garden.

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  1. What a beautiful story! Spontaneous tomatoes, gorgeous heirloom eggplant! Purty flowers...Yay. :)