Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Spent the last two days here at the SemiFarm being pelted with the white stuff. To quote one of my customers from work it's "colder than a well digger's ass" out there. (Anyone ever heard that? It was new to me. How cold is that exactly?)
Yesterday I called off from work after spending an hour behind the wheel and not even making it to the nearest town. The roads were all snow covered but what was troublesome was that that snow was layered over ice, which made for some pretty treacherous driving, even with my four wheel drive truck. So, I sat home with my daughter, enjoyed a little quiet time and fell asleep at the end of the day looking over my Randall Burkey catalog that came in the mail. I woke up with the crumpled magazine tangled in my bed covers so my husband didn't even notice what I was lusting over when sleep overcame me as he came to bed.
Since then we've been mostly hunkered down in the homestead, waiting for the lake effect snow to taper off and to plow the driveway a final time when it's time to pick our daughter up from her sleepover at a friend's house. Other than that we've just been enjoying some time to catch up on homesteading chores, and I've rearranged the bedroom to give me some new scenery to look at.
This weekend will likely find me making another batch of homemade laundry soap and perhaps some bread for the upcoming week, then off to visit my chicken friend at her farm on Monday weather permitting.
The dogs and cats are all being lazy as well, finding cozy warm places to sleep near the heaters or freshly folded laundry as we endure some pretty chilly temperatures with winds bringing the temps to where they feel below freezing.
Hope your weekend is filled with warm happy moments with the ones you love.

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