Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Snowing Sideways

It's blistery, blustery and blowing. I think every school within an hour's drive is closed today, and there is a drift of snow near my garage that's pushing 5 feet tall. This is my wake up call that winter has arrived in full force, in case I wasn't paying attention. I was, by the way, and the season doesn't officially begin until December 22. I'm all about getting a jump start on projects, but really wish this could have waited until January. Maybe she is getting it all out of her system and spring will come early this year. I would LOVE a longer growing season!

Since my mother is ill and can't watch my daughter today so I can work, we're spending the day snowed in. I wasn't really looking forward to 50 mile-per-hour winds anyways and haven't seen a snow plow go down the road all day. I've seen LOTS of propane trucks though. Hope that means my neighbors are staying warm too.

Days like today are good for only a few things, in my opinion: hot coffee, good books, needlework and housekeeping. Right now the dog and I are doing laundry and napping, enjoying the snow from inside where it is warm. (My daughter is enjoying her day off from school with a little Club Penguin and an all-day teleconference with her best friend.) We'll stay tucked in here all cozy until closer to time for hubs to come home, and then I will briefly bear the elements so he can locate the driveway when he arrives at home. If we have to be stuck here, it's a good time to finish all those half-completed knitting and crochet projects, put together food gifts for neighbors and co-workers and heat the house up with some baking. Who knows- maybe I will even try my hand at knitting some socks! (My tootsies are cold and crying for wool.)

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