Monday, December 20, 2010

The Church of the Almighty Dollar

Not sure how many more years in retail I can take...watching the freakish ways people treat each other this time of year turns my stomach and distorts the spirit of community and giving that the holidays really were meant to embody. I'm fighting off a bad attitude and it absolutely sucks. I need a hefty dose of good cheer right about now.
I love a good documentary and in my web lurking I found this random bit of happiness. This is absolutely hilarious... and it left me wondering, if it really WERE all about consumerism, What Would Jesus Buy? If salvation is out of stock, I'll take a set of those sweet shiny rims... LOL.

Amen, Reverend Billy... Amen!


  1. That video was...awesome! Maybe i have wierd humour and maybe they really are serious, but it made me laugh.
    Thank you for the email. I have not had uninterupted or already claimed time to sit down and respond so I came here. ;) I will get back to you soon. My husband is on vaca this week and we are enjoying the time.
    Happy holidays!

  2. LOL- I think it is a bit of both- glad you enjoyed it though!