Tuesday, October 19, 2010

evolution of progress

my eyes are heavy and
my toes cold and i
write these words for you
to show you my perception of
you just for now

i often wait so patiently to
hear you speak and then you
walk away and leave me
wondering what
just happened

what was the purpose
of it?

honestly i wonder if
you intend to do this,
treat the world as if it's
such an inconvenience
to you...

do you ever see
the sun as it
warms and lights the
faces of daisies?
do you notice other
people as they
walk past you on
the street?

i imagine that somewhere
inside you actually
might feel pleasure, love,
and pain instead of
writhing in an endless
list of things to do

what is to be lost by
letting down your guard and
being simply human to
someone other than yourself?
does outward vulnerability show
weaknesses you will not
even unto yourself
admit that you have?

i consider you a mystery my
mind cannot unravel
but want to share that i
am very saddened that you seem
to live asleep.

when your life has reached
its autumnal phase and you
lay face up wondering
in the grass just why
you were here i hope
you will not be lost and
pondering much as
you leave me

what was the purpose
of it?

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