Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25 things

25 things I want to do in my life:
  • gather eggs from my own chickens
  • plant my own garden
  • sit on an old quilt under my trees and read
  • hug my daughter
  • walk in the woods with my dog, going no where in particular
  • can vegetables
  • knit a whole sweater (adult sized)
  • spend a weekend alone in a cabin in the woods with my husband
  • build something with my dad
  • make a pieced quilt
  • make a friend that just stops by to visit unannounced, to sit and have tea
  • pick flowers and put them in a glass milk jar on my kitchen table
  • buy all my food locally for one week (at least)
  • go tent camping with my family in a park
  • visit Hale Farm again
  • write a novel (or several)
  • cuddle with my husband on the couch
  • go to garage sales with my mom
  • do yoga or hike every day for exercise
  • have another baby (?)
  • feed a jersey cow
  • gather stories from my family and write them down in a book
  • take my family out to cut down a tree one year for the holidays, then buy a live one and plant it another year
  • grow fruit trees
  • card and spin wool to make yarn

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