Friday, August 19, 2011

Asparagus in Summer

Moments splinter like the sun
Beyond the weathered fence I see
I sit, gazing through live wires
At today's possibility

Tomorrow is but an illusion
This instant in time my chance to win
So real and fleeting but yet out of reach
Dying already as it begins

Shriveling and hopeless before my eyes
Some days turn grey before they're born
While radiant sunshine lights up others
Like a lightening bolts precede a storm

Grapsing is senseless yet I claw and clutch
For all will wither like the blooms
And blades of grass beneath my feet
Grow ceaseless though the thresher looms

And yet there's hope as clouds drift past
When tiny tips push through the snow
In asparagus season a new world looms
While the old is still frozen below

This poet ponders these fields of hay
As silently the present drifts along
Like clouds and lazy day rememberings
With gentle breeze and sweet birdsong.

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