Monday, May 30, 2011

Works In Progress

This weekend was a working one, but a very productive one here at the SemiFarm. The coop is half up, the entire yard mowed, brush cleared for the compost bin area and the area for the herb garden has been thatched and covered up to kill off the sod. A huge thank you is due to my husband, dad, brother and nephew for their help. Small strawberries are forming back in the berry patch too. Things are beginning to come together as we gear up our little food factory. Some photos of the fruits of our labor for you to enjoy.

The beans from the little lakes, transplanted.

half a coop

two windows go in this wall

framed out windows

door will be on this front wall, yet to be built

some day soon I'll be watching hens from my porch!


  1. lovin' this!!!! xo..b careful to stop and enjoy..please dont over work..xo

  2. how cool is this, just remember to smell the flowers along the way..............Mary Ellen

  3. That's what my "extra" day off this week is for. :)If I can't (finally) get the garden in that day, I'll probably go for a hike in the woods at Buckeye Woods or River Styx park. These warm humid days are perfect for being in the forest. :)